6 Ways to Reduce Stress By Cleaning

Growing up my Mom was (and still is) the perpetually happy person. I appreciate it now, but as a moody teenager it was annoying and bit too much before 6 am. To add to that, she was just full of energy, never seemed sad, and was so darn organized that she noticed if one thing was out of place. Then there was me. My room was a constant mess, and so was my mind. I was always sad, confused, and anxious.

I recently read an article about how clutter and mess directly correlate with depression and anxiety. Now, I’m sure exactly which ones comes first or if they’re just related. However, it’s enough to say that if you want to be mindful of creating calm and peace in your life, cleaning up might just help. So, here’s a few tips to get you started.
1. De-clutter
I don’t mean for you to go buy more organizing bins and organize all your stuff- but get rid of that art project from the third grade. It’s time. You’ll be ok. Why is de-cluttering so important? We’ve learned that clutter overstimulates the senses, causing stress. It also draws attention away from where it should be- which is also stressful! So, declutter. Get rid of all those piles. You’ll feel so much better.

I mean really, look at this chart!

2. Wipe down surfaces
Wiping down surfaces might sound trivial, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed there’s nothing like a shiny granite counter-top and getting instant gratification. I know when I’m feeling anxious, I get out the vacuum and look for those lines and my home instantly feels more put together. Makes my inner peace all the more peaceful!
3. Deep clean
Yep. This one is huge. Pull out that oven and clean behind it. Use the strong chemicals once a year and clean those tight spots. There’s something so relaxing knowing that there’s not one speck of dirt hiding under something. Perhaps this is why the ladies at TLC Cleaning in Fargo, ND find their most popular service is the one time deep clean. It seems we all know the impact it can make!
4. Lift up the books
When you’re dusting, always move stuff around to get under it, instead of just going around. You’ll feel far more accomplished, and it honestly shows. Relaxing in a deep clean home is much better for our souls.
5. A place for everything
Always make sure the things we use every day have a place. Items that need a place for everything are your keys, mail, coffee, etc. Not being able to find something you need on a daily basis is frustrating and will snap you out of a good mood quick!
6. Have process and Routines
One of the best ways to keep this lifestyle up to have a routine and process. For example, when you get home from work- check the email and throw away the junk mail instantly and put the bills in the office instead of just throwing the pile on the table and doing it the next day. You have so much control over how big those piles get, a little every day is better than a lot on one day.
Needless to say, when you consider inner peace, it’s not surprising that our outer lives affect it- to include all the stuff we leave around the house. So- get de-cluttering and start feeling better!